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Our attorneys are well-qualified to fight for your freedom as your criminal defense lawyer. We have the skill, knowledge and experience you need to protect your liberty in this life-changing situation. Please call us at 617-348-0988 to discuss your case today.

You Cannot Afford a Weak Defense

When your life is on the line, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights and build a compelling case on your behalf. We understand that criminal cases are often won by effective pre-trial strategy, such as motions to dismiss or suppress evidence. We are skilled at finding weaknesses in the prosecution's case against you.

If it is necessary to take your case to trial, you can count on our substantial litigation skills. We can provide criminal defense for a range of offenses, including:

  • DUI
  • Motor-vehicular homicide
  • Sex crimes (rape, molestation)
  • Violent crimes (assault and battery, robbery, homicide)
  • Property offenses
  • White collar crimes (identity theft, securities fraud)

We also have extensive experience handling criminal defense appeals. We have the ability to argue your case before the appellate court.

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