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If you have been arrested for OUI (operating under the influence) in Massachusetts, you can take an important step toward protecting your rights, freedom and future. By speaking with a skilled Boston OUI defense lawyer as soon as possible, you can take a step toward securing the best possible outcome on your behalf.

The experienced Greenfield DUI attorneys at Rawson Merrigan & Litner, LLP are well-qualified to handle your defense. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable about the defenses available to you. Do not hesitate to call us at 617-348-0988 to discuss your case today.

Avoid or Minimize the Consequences of an OUI Conviction

If convicted on drunk driving charges, you could face jail time, heavy fines, driver's license suspension and increased insurance rates. As the number of offenses increases, so does the severity of the penalties. Whether you are facing a first offense OUI or a subsequent offense, you can turn to our criminal defense attorneys with confidence. We can build a compelling, solid case on your behalf.

The prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Our attorneys can effectively challenge the state's case.

Our attorneys employ effective pre-trial strategy. In OUI defense, this can include filing motions to dismiss or suppress evidence. We thoroughly analyze all elements of the traffic stop to determine if law enforcement followed proper procedure and if the evidence obtained against you was obtained legally. We also analyze field sobriety test results, the validity of the chemical test refusal if applicable and various other factors involved in the traffic stop.

Rawson Merrigan & Litner, LLP seeks to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced. We consistently strive to protect our clients' rights, keep them out of jail and help them maintain their driving privileges.

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