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July 2012 Archives

Massachusetts state trooper hit by drunk driver

Recently, a Massachusetts state trooper came face to face with the dangers posed by drunk drivers. While working on a highway detail in Stoneham, the officer was injured when an intoxicated North Andover woman rear-ended his police cruiser. The trooper had to be taken to Lahey Clinic to be treated for neck and back pain.

Mansfield woman seriously injured, Boston cop charged with OUI

Generally speaking, we expect police officers to protect and to serve. What we may not expect is for a police officer to drive drunk and crash at a high rate of speed into an unsuspecting motorist. But according to authorities in Boston, that last scenario is exactly what led to serious injuries for a Mansfield woman.

OSHA ranks computer vision issues as top office complaint

According to a ranking compiled by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, computer vision issues top the list of health-related office complaints. The National Eye Institute also recently released data showing a 66% increase in the prevalence of myopia in the 25 years since the advent of the personal computer. Eyestrain has also been linked with an increased risk of glaucoma.

New treatment offers hope for TBI victims

The Center for Disease Control estimates that between 1.4 and 1.7 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury each year. The causes may include concussions in sports, war injuries sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan, and motor vehicle accidents. Of those injured, an estimated 50,000 will die from TBI-related causes. However, a new treatment may offer hope for patients in Boston and across the country.

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