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September 2012 Archives

Dorchester man pleads not guilty to drunk driving charges

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is a tragedy. When a driver is accused of causing the accident because of driving drunk, the tragedy often seems compounded. Drunk drivers are a hazard to other drivers and anyone else in the vicinity. If police suspect that a driver's intoxication caused a fatal accident, the driver can be charged with a crime, and the families of the victims have a good basis to seek compensation for wrongful death.

Man killed saving young girl from car accident in Whitman

Everyone knows that pedestrian-car collisions can have very serious consequences. Drivers need to remember that they are operating heavy equipment that can cause severe injury or death if improperly handled. If drivers fail to exercise due caution in some way or another, such as by texting while driving, then the driver may be held liable for damages, including injury or wrongful death.

13-year-old cyclist flown to Boston hospital after truck accident

Sometimes when auto accidents involve company vehicles, both the business and the driver of the vehicle can be cited for violations. In such cases, the company and the truck driver may also be held liable for any injuries caused by the accident.

Somerville crash sends 7 to local hospitals

It should be common knowledge that drivers in Massachusetts and throughout the country are responsible for the safety of other motorists, and that includes passengers in a driver's own vehicle. When motorists fail to live up to that responsibility and their actions are deemed to be negligent, then people who were injured as a result of a car accident are entitled to compensation.

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