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January 2013 Archives

Boston anti-crime worker charged after girlfriend's shooting

When the negligence of an individual causes a head injury to another person, the long-term consequences for both parties can be significant. Head wounds sustained in car accidents, falls and other unfortunate situations can all cause brain trauma, which can lead to permanent disability. Brain injury victims may find their lives changed by events they had no control over.

Former Patriots player suffered from brain disease

Brain injuries are often the result of a single traumatic incident. However, repeated blows to the head can also cause damage to a person's brain. These injuries are often difficult to diagnose, but they can have a huge impact on an individual's life and require a great deal of medical care and rehabilitation. Those who have suffered from a brain injury should understand that the law may allow them to seek compensation for their injuries.

Subaru recalls vehicles due to fire risk

Massachusetts residents rely upon their vehicles every day to get them wherever they need to go. Because vehicles consist of many parts, there is always the possibility of defects or errors in manufacturing, including some that could cause an accident or injury. If that happens, the consumer might consider filing a product liability lawsuit.

Products liability case ready to start after nearly a decade

Groundwater contamination is a serious environmental threat that can have long-term consequences. The issues surrounding this problem require immediate attention when methyl tertiary butyl ether is found in areas that supply drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency has classified this substance as a possible human carcinogen. Companies that have operations that release MTBE can be held accountable for their actions in product liability cases.

Christmas drunk driving accident leaves one dead, one injured

Boston, with its heavy traffic and sometimes slick winter roads, can be a hazardous place to drive. When drivers are under the influence, car accidents are even more common. Those who are injured or who lose someone they care about in a car accident need to know their rights, particularly if alcohol or drugs are a factor. The family members of a Massachusetts man who was killed in a recent car crash are sadly learning this.

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