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March 2013 Archives

Former New England pro football player suffers burn injuries

What should have been a peaceful adventure for former New England Patriots player Donte' Stallworth quickly turned into a nightmare. Stallworth suffered serious burn injuries while riding in a hot air balloon that struck electrical power lines while in flight. The collision, which sent Stallworth and another passenger to the hospital for treatment, occurred in Southern Florida.

Boston-area accident shows danger of truck driver inattentiveness

A dangerous situation just south of Boston could have been much worse when a negligent truck driver ran a red light and hit a Brockton city bus. The truck accident, which sent two people to the hospital, was allegedly caused by an inattentive truck driver who was looking at paperwork while driving and who failed to stop at a red traffic light. The truck driver's negligence caused his tractor trailer to rear-end the city bus and to throw the bus off the road and into the yard of a residential property.

Product recall on dangerous children's toy sold in Massachusetts

Consumers purchase millions of items from stores and online every year, and some of those items pose dangers that the consumers may not see. For example, a dangerous product marketed to kids and sold at Justice retail stores throughout Massachusetts has recently been recalled due to risks of electrical shock and electrocution. The "Style my Room" by Justice Disco Lights subject to the recall have been documented to overheat and to cause electrical shock to users, subjecting their manufacturer, Tween Brands, Inc., to product liability.

Teens escape with minor injuries in late-night accident

While all car accidents pose a serious risk to the health and safety of those traveling in the car, people involved in a head-on collision have an additional split-second to react compared to those in accidents where a car plows into the rear of another vehicle. Those injured in a rear-end car accident often have no warning of the impending impact. Six teenagers were lucky to escape with relatively minor injuries in one such accident in Massachusetts.

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