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April 2013 Archives

Sports stress the challenges of spotting brain injuries

Baseball is America's pastime, and Boston Red Sox fans are some of the most committed fans in Major League Baseball. When popular players take pitches and line drives into their heads, concerns over concussions and other brain injuries are immediate. While not everyone can have the chance to play professional baseball, all people have the potential to suffer brain injuries from common, everyday accidents.

Man set on fire by transient while in SUV dies of burn injuries

Massachusetts residents who have been burned before know that it is painful. Even a burn that looks small can be life-threatening. Sadly, a California man has died from burn injuries he suffered after a homeless man threw something inside the other man's SUV, which caused it to catch fire.

Criminal charges brought against Boston area bus driver

Drivers in and around Boston are familiar with many precautions that they can undertake to make their travels safe. Driving appropriately for weather conditions, obeying traffic signs and signals, and wearing a seat belt are all ways to responsibly operate a vehicle. Although such practices can help drivers avoid car accidents, often passengers in motor vehicles find themselves at the mercy of their drivers to stay safe.

Massachusetts teen dies in drunk driver car accident

Many Massachusetts residents travel over holidays to be with family and friends. For those who celebrated Easter last Sunday, the holiday weekend gave many people the opportunity to travel by car to visit their loved ones. While most made it to their destinations and back home without incidents, others found themselves dealing with a hazard of roadway travel: car accidents.

Massachusetts patients injured by surgical robot

Advances in medical technology have greatly improved the availability of life-saving care to many patients. Medical technologies, such as surgical robots, can become subject to products liability claims for a variety of reasons. While some medical products suffer from poor designs that render them dangerous, others become hazards when defects in their production cause operational dangers.

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