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Massachusetts teen dies in drunk driver car accident

Many Massachusetts residents travel over holidays to be with family and friends. For those who celebrated Easter last Sunday, the holiday weekend gave many people the opportunity to travel by car to visit their loved ones. While most made it to their destinations and back home without incidents, others found themselves dealing with a hazard of roadway travel: car accidents.

Massachusetts patients injured by surgical robot

Advances in medical technology have greatly improved the availability of life-saving care to many patients. Medical technologies, such as surgical robots, can become subject to products liability claims for a variety of reasons. While some medical products suffer from poor designs that render them dangerous, others become hazards when defects in their production cause operational dangers.

Product recall on dangerous children's toy sold in Massachusetts

Consumers purchase millions of items from stores and online every year, and some of those items pose dangers that the consumers may not see. For example, a dangerous product marketed to kids and sold at Justice retail stores throughout Massachusetts has recently been recalled due to risks of electrical shock and electrocution. The "Style my Room" by Justice Disco Lights subject to the recall have been documented to overheat and to cause electrical shock to users, subjecting their manufacturer, Tween Brands, Inc., to product liability.

Man killed saving young girl from car accident in Whitman

Everyone knows that pedestrian-car collisions can have very serious consequences. Drivers need to remember that they are operating heavy equipment that can cause severe injury or death if improperly handled. If drivers fail to exercise due caution in some way or another, such as by texting while driving, then the driver may be held liable for damages, including injury or wrongful death.

13-year-old cyclist flown to Boston hospital after truck accident

Sometimes when auto accidents involve company vehicles, both the business and the driver of the vehicle can be cited for violations. In such cases, the company and the truck driver may also be held liable for any injuries caused by the accident.

Motorcyclist suffers severe head injury in Lynn crash

Drivers of cars and trucks must remain on constant alert for smaller vehicles. As Boston residents know, failure to notice a motorcycle or a compact car can have devastating consequences. The sheer contrast in size can cause serious physical damage in a collision.

Massachusetts state trooper hit by drunk driver

Recently, a Massachusetts state trooper came face to face with the dangers posed by drunk drivers. While working on a highway detail in Stoneham, the officer was injured when an intoxicated North Andover woman rear-ended his police cruiser. The trooper had to be taken to Lahey Clinic to be treated for neck and back pain.

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