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Elderly population suffering more fall-related brain injuries

With summer fast approaching and Massachusetts students preparing to get out of school, many families in the area may be planning trips to visit grandparents and other loved ones on their vacations. Although the summer months are a great time to be active as a family, elderly relatives are more susceptible to suffering serious harm such as brain injuries during such periods of activity. While brain injuries are traumatic for all people, they can be particularly catastrophic for the elderly population.

Sports stress the challenges of spotting brain injuries

Baseball is America's pastime, and Boston Red Sox fans are some of the most committed fans in Major League Baseball. When popular players take pitches and line drives into their heads, concerns over concussions and other brain injuries are immediate. While not everyone can have the chance to play professional baseball, all people have the potential to suffer brain injuries from common, everyday accidents.

Boston anti-crime worker charged after girlfriend's shooting

When the negligence of an individual causes a head injury to another person, the long-term consequences for both parties can be significant. Head wounds sustained in car accidents, falls and other unfortunate situations can all cause brain trauma, which can lead to permanent disability. Brain injury victims may find their lives changed by events they had no control over.

Elderly brain injury victim still critical a week after accident

Car accidents are just one of the ways that a traumatic brain injury can occur. When there are witnesses to the accident, especially if it is a hit-and-run, the victim's family and police can obtain some very important details to the case that the victim cannot. A resident of Methuen, a northern suburb of Boston, fortunately had witnesses come forward with details of a serious hit-and-run accident that caused the woman to suffer from a brain injury.

New study links brain injuries to contact sports

Traumatic brain injuries can have a number of causes, from a simple fall to a serious auto accident. While most TBIs are the result of a single incident, a slower form of brain injury can occur from repeated blows to the head, such as those received from playing contact sports. The results of this slow build-up of brain damage can be severe and life changing, often affecting the sufferers' ability to work regularly. Receiving compensation for such an injury can be difficult, however, due to the need to prove a specific cause for the condition. For many though, a new study linking contact sports with brain injuries may be of some help.

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