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Posts tagged "personal injury"

Elderly population suffering more fall-related brain injuries

With summer fast approaching and Massachusetts students preparing to get out of school, many families in the area may be planning trips to visit grandparents and other loved ones on their vacations. Although the summer months are a great time to be active as a family, elderly relatives are more susceptible to suffering serious harm such as brain injuries during such periods of activity. While brain injuries are traumatic for all people, they can be particularly catastrophic for the elderly population.

Burn injury suffered in residential blaze

Many people accidently subject themselves to heat-related injuries through common carelessness. Across the greater Boston area, people grab hot cooking pots, splash themselves with hot water and bump into heated surfaces and cause minor burn injuries every day. When people encounter fires, however, the potential for more serious burns can result.

Massachusetts patients injured by surgical robot

Advances in medical technology have greatly improved the availability of life-saving care to many patients. Medical technologies, such as surgical robots, can become subject to products liability claims for a variety of reasons. While some medical products suffer from poor designs that render them dangerous, others become hazards when defects in their production cause operational dangers.

Former New England pro football player suffers burn injuries

What should have been a peaceful adventure for former New England Patriots player Donte' Stallworth quickly turned into a nightmare. Stallworth suffered serious burn injuries while riding in a hot air balloon that struck electrical power lines while in flight. The collision, which sent Stallworth and another passenger to the hospital for treatment, occurred in Southern Florida.

Bourne Bridge car crash leaves three injured in Cape Cod

Metro regions like the Boston area experience many vehicle accidents due to heavy traffic from commuters, travelers, and commercial transport. It seems that a day can't pass without there being some news about a car accident. While many reasons exist, weather conditions can also be to blame. One Massachusetts driver experienced the effects of rainy pavement on what was probably expected to be an uneventful day, and it affected two other people.

Malden man injured in four-car collision

Car accidents are sometimes caused by a driver failing to follow the rules of the road. Such accidents may leave a victim not only with physical injuries but also with financial hardship due to lost wages and medical expenses. When a person is injured in a car accident, he or she may be entitled to compensation for the costs associated with the incident.

Wife of congressman injured in car accident

Car accidents can leave victims with injuries that cause long-lasting discomfort. Depending on the cause of the car accident, investigators may find that one party is at fault. When this occurs, it is sometimes possible for the injured victim to pursue compensation for the cost associated with the car accident, including lost work time, medical fees and pain and suffering.

13-year-old cyclist flown to Boston hospital after truck accident

Sometimes when auto accidents involve company vehicles, both the business and the driver of the vehicle can be cited for violations. In such cases, the company and the truck driver may also be held liable for any injuries caused by the accident.

2 elderly motorists killed in Andover crash

Personal injury attorneys often handle wrongful death and injury cases whenever fatal car accidents occur. Those injured in a car accident, or the family of those killed in one, can seek compensation for injuries and loss of life, as well as for damage to vehicles and other property.

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