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Boston-area accident shows danger of truck driver inattentiveness

A dangerous situation just south of Boston could have been much worse when a negligent truck driver ran a red light and hit a Brockton city bus. The truck accident, which sent two people to the hospital, was allegedly caused by an inattentive truck driver who was looking at paperwork while driving and who failed to stop at a red traffic light. The truck driver's negligence caused his tractor trailer to rear-end the city bus and to throw the bus off the road and into the yard of a residential property.

Dump truck driver goes free after fatal hit-and-run accident

In Boston and the surrounding area, motor vehicle accident victims can find their lives permanently changed. When serious injuries or fatalities occur, these negative effects can spread to other family members. Truck accidents can be especially deadly, if only because of the extra weight carried by the large vehicle.

13-year-old cyclist flown to Boston hospital after truck accident

Sometimes when auto accidents involve company vehicles, both the business and the driver of the vehicle can be cited for violations. In such cases, the company and the truck driver may also be held liable for any injuries caused by the accident.

Height mismatch contributes to truck accident fatalities

Many drivers in Massachusetts instinctively know that accidents involving a truck or a large commercial vehicle often cause serious injuries or death. The size and weight of a large truck can simply overwhelm a passenger vehicle. A new report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms that common belief.

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