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Popular SUVs subject to product liability claims by HTSA

Going to buy a new car is an exciting time for many people in and around Boston. With so many options available, people can customize the color, upholstery, technical features and many other specifics about their chosen vehicles. In all of the fun of deciding what to buy, some people may forget to investigate if their vehicles of choice are sufficiently safe for their needs.

The auto manufacturer Chrysler is subject to claims of product liability by the Highway Transportation Safety Administration for what the government agency claims to be poorly placed gas tanks on some of Chrysler's popular Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Liberty sport utility vehicle models. The HTSA's investigations show that 37 fatal accidents have occurred in the two models where the gas tank's placement caused fires. More than 50 consumer deaths resulted from those accidents.

Guardsman suffers brain trauma from equipment accident

Recent events in Boston have made the community painfully aware of just how fragile America's safety can be. Thanks to the hard work of the nation's military and National Guard personnel, as a population Americans can rest knowing that capable men and women are working tirelessly to improve the security of the country. While their hard work sometimes goes unnoticed, service members are an integral component of America's infrastructure.

Due to their importance to the nation's security, people might expect that soldiers and guardsmen consistently receive the support that they need when they suffer injuries while serving their country. A 24 year old guardsman recently learned the limits of the government's support when he suffered brain trauma in Afghanistan as a member his National Guard unit. The guardsman was crushed while performing repairs on an armored vehicle with most of the force pressing on to his head.

MIT scientist killed in car accident

Boston is a busy city with many ways to travel through it. While public transportation is available to take people to their destinations, many people take to local streets on their bicycles and in their cars in order to travel around town. Due to the high number of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians out on the roadways, collisions between them are not uncommon.

A recent car accident at the intersection of Beacon Street and Charlesgate West between a vehicle and a bicyclist has turned into a police search and has left a bicyclist dead. At approximately 3:30 in the afternoon on Sunday, May 19, 2013, an MIT research scientist and professor was riding her bike when she was struck by a vehicle that witnesses describe as a truck. The truck fled the scene of the accident and 36 year old victim died of her injuries.

Student on bike killed in car accident

For area children, the school year is coming to a close and the warmer weather is calling them outdoors. Many Massachusetts youths are taking to their bicycles to get to and from school, and while some can stick to side streets and paths to find their routes, others must travel on busy roadways in order to get from home to school.

A high school ninth grader was recently killed while riding his bike when he was struck by an automobile. The car accident occurred late in the evening, and though the young victim was rushed to a nearby hospital, he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The victim, who was a good student and a polite person, leaves behind family and friends who now must cope with his loss.

Elderly population suffering more fall-related brain injuries

With summer fast approaching and Massachusetts students preparing to get out of school, many families in the area may be planning trips to visit grandparents and other loved ones on their vacations. Although the summer months are a great time to be active as a family, elderly relatives are more susceptible to suffering serious harm such as brain injuries during such periods of activity. While brain injuries are traumatic for all people, they can be particularly catastrophic for the elderly population.

The Cleveland Clinics Injury and Osteoporosis Research Center recently released the findings of an international study that confirm elderly people are suffering more traumatic brain injuries as a result of falls than they were 40 years ago. The elderly suffer falls for many reasons that include tripping over items, dizziness and moving before they are ready. While some victims only suffer minor cuts and abrasions as a result of their falls, others sustain head trauma and brain injuries that require treatment and high medical expenses.

Burn injury suffered in residential blaze

Many people accidently subject themselves to heat-related injuries through common carelessness. Across the greater Boston area, people grab hot cooking pots, splash themselves with hot water and bump into heated surfaces and cause minor burn injuries every day. When people encounter fires, however, the potential for more serious burns can result.

A Boston-area firefighter suffered a burn injury while battling a residential blaze in Mattapan. Two other firefighters suffered non-burn related injuries while battling the fire that displaced six people. While the firefighter's burn injury is not life-threatening, serious burns can cause permanent, life-altering damage to their victims.

Sports stress the challenges of spotting brain injuries

Baseball is America's pastime, and Boston Red Sox fans are some of the most committed fans in Major League Baseball. When popular players take pitches and line drives into their heads, concerns over concussions and other brain injuries are immediate. While not everyone can have the chance to play professional baseball, all people have the potential to suffer brain injuries from common, everyday accidents.

Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew recently suffered a concussion when he was struck in the head with a baseball during a training game. His recovery was lengthy and clearly shows just how careful a person suffering from a traumatic brain injury must be.

Man set on fire by transient while in SUV dies of burn injuries

Massachusetts residents who have been burned before know that it is painful. Even a burn that looks small can be life-threatening. Sadly, a California man has died from burn injuries he suffered after a homeless man threw something inside the other man's SUV, which caused it to catch fire.

The 63-year-old man from Long Beach was sitting alone inside his SUV while parked outside a 7-Eleven on the evening of April 12. He was approached by the 38-year-old transient, who threw a flammable substance inside the SUV. Witnesses aided in putting out the flames, but it was not enough. The man died at a hospital two days later.

Criminal charges brought against Boston area bus driver

Drivers in and around Boston are familiar with many precautions that they can undertake to make their travels safe. Driving appropriately for weather conditions, obeying traffic signs and signals, and wearing a seat belt are all ways to responsibly operate a vehicle. Although such practices can help drivers avoid car accidents, often passengers in motor vehicles find themselves at the mercy of their drivers to stay safe.

The safety of a bus full of high school students was recently put in jeopardy when a commercial operator negligently drove his bus into the Western Avenue bridge overpass on Soldiers Field Road. While the bridge's clearance only accommodates vehicles fewer than 10 feet in height, Soldiers Field Road has posted warning signs that should have stopped the driver from proceeding. The bus-bridge collision resulted in more than 30 injured students with one student suffering serious injuries.

Massachusetts teen dies in drunk driver car accident

Many Massachusetts residents travel over holidays to be with family and friends. For those who celebrated Easter last Sunday, the holiday weekend gave many people the opportunity to travel by car to visit their loved ones. While most made it to their destinations and back home without incidents, others found themselves dealing with a hazard of roadway travel: car accidents.

The community of Lakeville, just forty miles south of Boston, is now coping with the tragic loss of one of its young residents. An eighteen year old woman who was home visiting family for Easter was killed when a negligent driver collided with her vehicle. The accident, which resulted in the victim's car rolling off of its wheels, was caused by a driver suspected of being under the influence.

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