MIT scientist killed in car accident

On behalf of Rawson, Merrigan, & Litner, LLP Posted in Car Accidents on 05/30/13

Boston is a busy city with many ways to travel through it. While public transportation is available to take people to their destinations, many people take to local streets on their bicycles and in their cars in order to travel around town. Due to the high number of vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians out on the roadways, collisions between them are not uncommon.

A recent car accident at the intersection of Beacon Street and Charlesgate West between a vehicle and a bicyclist has turned into a police search and has left a bicyclist dead. At approximately 3:30 in the afternoon on Sunday, May 19, 2013, an MIT research scientist and professor was riding her bike when she was struck by a vehicle that witnesses describe as a truck. The truck fled the scene of the accident and 36 year old victim died of her injuries.

Hit and run accidents are not uncommon, but the deadly nature of this incident demonstrates just how quickly a bad driving decision can become horrific. As police search for the driver whose actions took the life of another person, the victim’s family will have to deal with the pain and suffering of losing a loved one and the difficulties of not knowing who took her from them.

Drivers who cause property damage, injuries, and deaths as a result of their negligence and recklessness can be held legally accountable to those they cause to suffer. Courts can impose penalties on such drivers that exceed the damages actually suffered by the drivers’ victims that can help deter other negligent drivers from engaging in dangerous conduct on the roads.

Source (Previously Published Article): WCVB, “MIT scientist riding bicycle struck, killed in crash,” May 20, 2013