Massachusetts state trooper hit by drunk driver

On behalf of Rawson, Merrigan, & Litner, LLP Posted in Car Accidents on 07/31/12

Recently, a Massachusetts state trooper came face to face with the dangers posed by drunk drivers. While working on a highway detail in Stoneham, the officer was injured when an intoxicated North Andover woman rear-ended his police cruiser. The trooper had to be taken to Lahey Clinic to be treated for neck and back pain.

Massachusetts state troopers are typically covered under a state insurance plan that will pay the medical expenses associated with injuries sustained on the job. However, an average civilian who is injured in a car accident does not necessarily share the benefits of a state insurance plan.

Had this particular crash injured a civilian, he or she might need to sue in civil court for additional compensation to help pay for the costs of recovery. To do this, it is best to consult with an attorney who knows how to litigate these types of cases and can negotiate for the most favorable outcome.

The allegedly intoxicated woman was arraigned in court on July 27. She is facing several charges, including driving while intoxicated and operating an unregistered vehicle. If convicted, she could be fined, sentenced to jail time, and lose her license. She may also be held liable for the state trooper’s injuries.

When a person falls victim to the negligence of another driver, it is important that the victim receives due compensation for any injuries. Lost wages, medical bills, and the sheer pain and suffering resulting from a crash can make for a drastic change in the quality of an accident victim’s life, and anyone facing such hardship deserves some relief.

Source (Previously Published Article): Boston Herald, “Police: Trooper injured after drunken driver hits cruiser,” Matt Stout, July 27, 2012