2 elderly motorists killed in Andover crash

On behalf of Rawson, Merrigan, & Litner, LLP Posted in Car Accidents on 08/30/12

Personal injury attorneys often handle wrongful death and injury cases whenever fatal car accidents occur. Those injured in a car accident, or the family of those killed in one, can seek compensation for injuries and loss of life, as well as for damage to vehicles and other property.

A recent accident at the intersection of Route 125 and Wildwood Road in Andover is an unfortunate example of this situation. A pickup truck and car collided at the intersection, resulting in the death of two people, aged 72 and 82. The investigation is ongoing because the cause of the accident was not immediately apparent. The 70-year-old driver of the pickup truck was not injured.

After every fatal accident, investigators must examine the scene, attempt to recreate the event, and use a bevy of scientific techniques to determine the cause and thus who was responsible. Many insurance policies have coverage for personal injuries and wrongful death in such an event.

Wrongful death cases do not just compensate for the anguish of losing a loved one. Such a claim also allows a family to deal with the monetary costs that resulted from another person’s negligence. These costs could include lost income, medical bills, or funeral expenses.

It is important that Massachusetts residents know that liability can be shared or rest entirely on one party. Family members of deceased car accident victims may also be entitled to legal redress if the person at fault is also deceased. In that case, compensation could be available from the other driver’s estate or insurance company.

Source: Boston.com, “Mass. police ID 2 killed in Andover traffic crash,” Aug. 18, 2012