Accident victim recovering at Worcester hospital

On behalf of Rawson, Merrigan, & Litner, LLP Posted in Car Accidents on 08/10/12

As everyone knows, car accidents can result in serious injuries, but the risk of injury typically increases when motorists are not wearing seat belts.

On July 22, an early-morning car accident in Massachusetts took a driver’s life and left a passenger seriously injured. A third passenger, who was reportedly in the back seat of the vehicle, was not hurt. Investigators believe that the driver may have been trying to turn when his car hit a utility pole in Lunenburg. Though the driver was flown to Worcester by medical helicopter, he was later pronounced dead.

The other injured passenger was also taken to UMass Medical Center in Worcester. He was said to be paralyzed from the chest down, which in many cases indicates a spinal cord injury. It was believed that he was the only person in the vehicle wearing a seat belt. When he regained consciousness, he was told of his friend’s death.

A news report indicated that the paralyzed victim was expected to go home this week and perhaps begin rehabilitation. Such injuries can require extended rehab and have life-long effects, putting a major financial strain on the family.

But in single-car accidents, sometimes the surviving victims are so upset by the death of a friend or loved one that the survivors do not pursue the compensation they need to recover and transition back into day-to-day life. However, such compensation may be available.

Additionally, rehab and recovery usually interfere with work, meaning the victim loses income. The emotional and psychological burden of surviving a car accident that took the life of a friend can also require time off of work, as well as mental health treatment.

Working with an experienced personal injury attorney helps many accident victims ensure that their financial needs are taken care of while they are recovering from the emotionally and physically damaging experience of a serious car accident.

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