Motorcyclist suffers severe head injury in Lynn crash

On behalf of Rawson, Merrigan, & Litner, LLP Posted in Brain Injuries on 08/24/12

Drivers of cars and trucks must remain on constant alert for smaller vehicles. As Boston residents know, failure to notice a motorcycle or a compact car can have devastating consequences. The sheer contrast in size can cause serious physical damage in a collision.

A motorcycle accident recently occurred in nearby Lynn when a man on a bike on Boston Street slammed into the passenger side of an SUV turning into a Burger King. The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet yet sustained serious head injuries in the crash.

Early reports show no indication that drug use or alcohol was involved in the accident, which was still under investigation. Police confirmed that only the motorcyclist was injured at the scene.

A range of considerations may go into deciding exactly who is liable for an accident. The driver of the SUV may not have noticed the other vehicle, and the motorcyclist may have been inattentive or speeding recklessly through the area. Still, investigators in this case initially said that speeding did not appear to be a factor. It is impossible to accurately determine liability without a careful analysis of the circumstances of the crash.

It is the job of personal injury attorneys to sort through the details of a car accident and consult with doctors to determine not only the immediate injuries but also any lifelong damages that an injured victim may have to endure. This kind of investigation, which is beyond the scope of normal police work, is often necessary for a successful personal injury claim.

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