Wife of congressman injured in car accident

On behalf of Rawson, Merrigan, & Litner, LLP Posted in Car Accidents on 11/9/12

Car accidents can leave victims with injuries that cause long-lasting discomfort. Depending on the cause of the car accident, investigators may find that one party is at fault. When this occurs, it is sometimes possible for the injured victim to pursue compensation for the cost associated with the car accident, including lost work time, medical fees and pain and suffering.

On Oct. 23, the wife of Massachusetts congressman John Tierney was in a car accident in the town of Danvers. Tierney’s wife was transported to Beverly Hospital after the accident, which occurred in the morning near a local elementary school. The crash was apparently caused by another car, which struck Tierney’s car from the rear. Another person who was in one of the cars was taken to another medical facility, but it’s unknown if that was the other driver or a passenger.

Frequently a driver who hits a car from the rear is found responsible for the accident, though mitigating circumstances can affect this. Investigators are determining if charges will be filed as a result of the accident.

Tierney’s wife was treated and then released, at which point he took her home. A spokesman for the congressman said that his wife was wearing her seatbelt, which apparently saved her from more serious injuries.

Depending on the severity and extent of the injuries, it may take time for her to recover. Many people take time off of work when injured in an accident, and frequently either the victim or the victim’s insurer seeks compensation for medical costs related to the crash.

Source: Peabody Patch, “Congressman Tierney’s Wife Injured in Danvers Car Crash,” Bill Gilman, Oct. 23, 2012