Massachusetts teen dies in drunk driver car accident

On behalf of Rawson, Merrigan, & Litner, LLP Posted in Car Accidents on 04/11/13

Many Massachusetts residents travel over holidays to be with family and friends. For those who celebrated Easter last Sunday, the holiday weekend gave many people the opportunity to travel by car to visit their loved ones. While most made it to their destinations and back home without incidents, others found themselves dealing with a hazard of roadway travel: car accidents.

The community of Lakeville, just forty miles south of Boston, is now coping with the tragic loss of one of its young residents. An eighteen year old woman who was home visiting family for Easter was killed when a negligent driver collided with her vehicle. The accident, which resulted in the victim’s car rolling off of its wheels, was caused by a driver suspected of being under the influence.

Drunk drivers and drivers impaired by other controlled or illegal substances create dangerous conditions on American roadways every day. Even when they do not directly crash their vehicles into other cars, their inability to operate their vehicles in a safe and appropriate manner can force non-impaired drivers to react quickly to prevent roadway collisions.

While the suspect in the deadly Lakeville crash will now face criminal charges including driving under the influence and motor vehicle homicide, drunk drivers generally may also be held accountable for civil claims brought by their victims and the victims’ families. Such claims may include recovery of medical expenses incurred for the treatment of injuries, monetary awards to repair or replace vehicles and other items of personal property destroyed in accidents, and compensation for coping with the pain and suffering of losses experienced from a serious car accident.

While the family and friends of the Lakeville victim cannot recover their lost love one, legal options exist regarding their rights against the drunk driver. Damages may be sought directly against the drunk driver who caused the accident as well as against other parties whose negligence may have contributed to the deadly crash.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is emotional and life altering. Understanding the process when seeking compensation for their loss and financial burdens is very crucial and may help with the coping process.

Source (Previously Published Article): WHDH News, “Teen killed in 2-car crash in Lakeville,” March 30, 2013