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Suffering a serious injury usually creates stress for the entire family. In addition to caring for the injured person, injured victims often face loss of income and huge medical bills. Of course, there is also the emotional trauma of seeing a loved one badly hurt.

In these difficult situations, an experienced personal injury lawyer can provide valuable help. Rawson Merrigan & Litner, LLP has more than 75 years of combined personal injury experience. We understand what you and your family are going through. We want to help you recover damages for your loss. Please call us at 617-348-0988 for a free consultation.

The Impact of a Serious Injury

A serious injury can cause significant pain, temporary or permanent disability, disfigurement and even death. These injuries may make it impossible to earn a living, provide for a family and carry on the same relationships and activities.

You need an attorney who understands these issues and will fight for your right to receive compensation. We can help people who sustain many types of serious injuries, including:

Determining the Cause

A serious injury can happen anywhere. Common causes of serious injuries include:

We work closely with your doctors and medical experts to gather the medical details of your injury, as well as any long-term effects it may have. We also work with investigators and experts who can determine what caused your injury. With all of this information, we can structure a compelling case.

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