Boston Shoulder Injury Attorneys

A shoulder injury can be a painful and debilitating injury that can limit your ability to do the activities you once did with ease. Driving, performing household tasks, working, even playing with your children can all be made much more difficult when you cannot move or rotate your shoulder. Our skilled Boston shoulder injury lawyers represent people who have sustained shoulder and rotator cuff injuries in many different types of accidents. We seek maximum compensation on behalf of our injured clients and strive to get them back to the activities they once did.

The experienced Greenfield rotator cuff injuries attorneys at Rawson Merrigan & Litner, LLP provide dedicated legal representation to people who have sustained shoulder and rotator cuff injuries. You can call us today at 617-348-0988 to arrange your consultation.

What Type of Accident Caused Your Shoulder Injury?

We are skilled Massachusetts personal injury lawyers who adeptly handle many types of accident claims. We are familiar with the ways in which accidents happen and the methods for holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. We represent people who have sustained shoulder injury accidents such as:

When we represent people who have sustained shoulder and rotator cuff injuries, we look at the long-term implications of their current medical conditions. For example, if you will require future surgery and physical therapy, we will incorporate those medical costs into the compensation demand. It is not uncommon for shoulder and rotator cuff injuries to require surgeries as well as hardware implants such as screws to assist in the shoulder's healing or movement.

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