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Product Liability Archives

Massachusetts patients injured by surgical robot

Advances in medical technology have greatly improved the availability of life-saving care to many patients. Medical technologies, such as surgical robots, can become subject to products liability claims for a variety of reasons. While some medical products suffer from poor designs that render them dangerous, others become hazards when defects in their production cause operational dangers.

Product recall on dangerous children's toy sold in Massachusetts

Consumers purchase millions of items from stores and online every year, and some of those items pose dangers that the consumers may not see. For example, a dangerous product marketed to kids and sold at Justice retail stores throughout Massachusetts has recently been recalled due to risks of electrical shock and electrocution. The "Style my Room" by Justice Disco Lights subject to the recall have been documented to overheat and to cause electrical shock to users, subjecting their manufacturer, Tween Brands, Inc., to product liability.

Subaru recalls vehicles due to fire risk

Massachusetts residents rely upon their vehicles every day to get them wherever they need to go. Because vehicles consist of many parts, there is always the possibility of defects or errors in manufacturing, including some that could cause an accident or injury. If that happens, the consumer might consider filing a product liability lawsuit.

Products liability case ready to start after nearly a decade

Groundwater contamination is a serious environmental threat that can have long-term consequences. The issues surrounding this problem require immediate attention when methyl tertiary butyl ether is found in areas that supply drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency has classified this substance as a possible human carcinogen. Companies that have operations that release MTBE can be held accountable for their actions in product liability cases.

Canadian Beef recall endangers American consumers

Food safety is an important issue for Massachusetts residents. This makes the recent recall of Canadian beef especially troubling, as some of the retail outlets being affected also do business within the state. Residents have experience with meat recalls however, as the current recall closely resembles an earlier product liability recall that affected pork being sold in Massachusetts stores in July 2012.

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