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Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD) is a nerve injury that can be very difficult to diagnose. RSD develops after an initial trauma that may present as minor or severe. It is a secondary effect from the trauma that can be very severe and disabling.

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RSD, also known as complex regional pain, most often affects the extremities. Symptoms include severe pain and burning sensation, swelling, joint discomfort, muscle spasms and sensitivity to touch. Living with RSD is difficult and may cause loss of employment, relationships and normal activities.

RSD is most often caused by trauma from a high-speed impact; sometimes surgery leads to RSD as well. Some common causes of RSD include:

Our Boston reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome attorney remain in constant contact with our clients and stay on top of their injuries as well as medical complications. When we hear that a client is having symptoms of RSD, we seek medical documentation to connect RSD to the initial injury.

Some people think that RSD is not related to the underlying trauma or that the cause is unknown. However, by utilizing respected medical experts, our Boston personal injury lawyers will strive to prove that your injury caused RSD. We will seek compensation for medical bills, lost income, monthly expenses and more.

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